An important shift towards energy and consciousness is allowing us to connect to our Higher Self and step into our path + purpose.  

A real and lasting connection to yourself comes from healing the wounds.  Unearthing the trauma and creating space for connection, creativity and vibrant energy allows access to a higher frequency of living.  A place from which your authentic Self shines, your intuition vibrates and your inner knowing is your one and only guide.

A path guided through intuition and leading from your heart will allow you to access all you innately know to be true. Allowing you to be your whole, complete Self, in your power and contributing to the World in your unique way.

Crystalline Energy Medicine came into being + has expanded through 20 years of experience and developing a deep understanding that the wisdom + healing capacity of the gifts of the Earth is beyond anything we could imagine. The healing capacity of ourSelves in beyond our wildest dreams.  These sacred energies and healing power combine to create the alchemy of Crystalline Energy Medicine.

For me, crystals are the Angels of the Earth…they share wisdom and specific messages with us and choose us when we ask to receive their support. My crystals are my ever trusted Guide.  They connect and lead me as any Guide of the Universe.  Once the energy is clear and open, my crystals are a beacon of truth, communicating all I need to know.

Breathwork is my most healing and empowering practice.  It reveals things I had no idea were there, stuck in the ethers and layers of my body. Breathing though it all. Allowing my body to find it, feel it and release it. 

My essential oils bring healing at a cellular level, as well as practical, proactive health.  Daily, often and consistently.  During breathwork, throughout the day.  A drop, a sniff, a focused breath.  Creating space for shifts.

All gifts of the Earth. 

All providing daily access to connect.

This attunement will gently call upon your own innate abilities to heal, align and create. My intention is to empower you with these tools as they become part of your daily experience to heal, enhance and enrich your life.

Together, they create my offerings.

It is my honour to guide you.



crystalline Energy medicine