Holding space for clients (YOU) is a great privledge. Supporting the movement of energy that no longer serves, stuck in your systems perhaps causing pain, inflammation, stagnancy, lack of connection, is truly the highest honour. 

Many of us hold our hearts tight - shielded from past experiences, impacting by the World around us, inadvertently keeping ourselves safe and protected. In my experience, it’s sadly part of the human condition today as our systems are bombarded with so much. 

When the focus is on heart opening during a Breathwork session, these are often (not always) two oils that support opening the space and moving the stagnant energy. Often times forgiveness is required and the softening of the heart space allows the possibility for that to occur. 

Sometimes people have a hard time with forgiveness. To be clear, forgiveness doesn’t not mean condoning. You are not condoning the other persons actions. Forgiveness allows you to be free. It always your heart space to open. It allows the opportunity for giving AND receiving of love, support and kindness. 

The impact of unforgiveness is often tricky to see. Truth is, the only person the unforgiveness impacts is you - the other person quite possibly doesn’t give a shit. They’ve moved on long ago, so the only person who is feeling the impact is you.  

Forgiving releases the pain, however it may show up in your body and life.

It’s beautiful to witness and to support people on the journey of allowing forgiveness and therefore healing themselves. Is their space for forgiveness in your heart today? Choose to begin to release it and allow miracles. 

All love,


My top two Breathwork allies for heart opening.

My top two Breathwork allies for heart opening.

Holistic Skincare

Thank you so much for tuning into my Holistic Skincare Series. I had such a blast teaching and sharing my routine - thank you all for being persistent in your requests for me to share the information.  It pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to be consistent with video.  Please check out my IGTV if you missed the series.

Easy peasy DIY soothing facial toner..

Easy peasy DIY soothing facial toner..

As promised, here are the links to the articles I mentioned on the benefits and magic of Blue Tansy, (times two) Rosehip Oil and Gua Sha (from Wildling Beauty.)

My evening routine includes a simply Gua Sha practice.

My evening routine includes a simply Gua Sha practice.

I love my Gem Roller. If you’re looking to add one to your own skincare routine, check out Pura Botanicals. They have different gem stones to choose from, and the rollers are currently 30% off! I also LOVE the Pura products, so be sure to have a peek at their Countess Cleansing Nectar, Botcanical Bloom Essence, Overnight Watermelon mask…I could go on and on!

Journey To Glow is an incredible resource for healing skin conditions, particularly roseacea, naturally. Caroline speaks from experience and is so passionate about supporting other women in their journey.

If you’re interested in bringing any of the products I shared in the videos into your home, please email me directly: I’m happy to help you begin a natural skincare routine that fits with your budget and focuses on your specific needs. I’ll ensure you have everything you need to get started.  As an added bonus, this month you’ll receive a gua sha tool and facial serum when you join our growing doTERRA community.

It brings me so much joy to share what I love, thank you for allowing me to teach.

Have topics you’d like me to share? Leave a comment below or send me an email! These educational series’ will be a regular feature.

All love + glowing skin, Tracy xo

Why I love Dry Brushing

Following an Instagram post from February, I received a lot of questions and curiosities about dry brushing. from how-to’s to recommendations of dry brushes.

Dry Brushing is one of the easiest practices you can adopt daily for maximum health impact. It’s a simple act that takes only a few minutes and has the ability to boost your immune system in the most magical way as it supports your lymphatic system, nervous system and circulatory system.

Dry brushing technique is of critical importance, so please take a few minutes to watch the video below. You want to get the most out of this experience for your body and wellbeing, in addition to creating a self care routine that is this impactful.

So what do I personally use?

Currently, two dry brushes reside in my bathroom, this long handle Bass Bamboo and a Karmameju ionic body brush. The long handle of the Bass makes dry brushing along my spine a breeze, yet the electromagnetic support of the Karmameju is unmatched, and so so important for the World we live in today.

As you’d expect, each day I typically choose one of three oils to add to my dry brush prior to beginning: Aromatouch, Pink Pepper or Grapefruit.

Aromatouch is an incredible combination of Cypress, Peppermint, Marjoram, Basil, Grapefruit, and Lavender essential oils. It awakens the body and gets things flowing + moving.

Pink Pepper: This powerhouse Oil supports all body systems. It is so invigorating and in my experience, I feel as though it alivens my cells and kick starts my system. I reach for this Oil on the mornings I feel like my immunity needs a boost.

Grapefruit: The Oil of Honouring the Body, the scent of this Oil uplifts my moods, opens up my cells and simply is one of my favs. It’s also said to support cellulite, and hey, every little bit helps!

Following my dry brush, I lather on doTERRA’s unscented body cream that I add one drop of DDR Prime essential oil, or something else I’m specifically called towards each day. The Oils truly tap you into your intuition and so I honour that daily with this routine.

Do yourself a HUGE favour and include dry brushing in your daily routine. It takes 3 minutes before you jump into the shower and will provide powerful, lasting benefits.

Please let me know if you choose to give it and try or add it into your daily routine.

Lots of love,

Tracy xx

PS: Curious about the Oils mentioned in this article? Email me: to learn more or receive a sample.

Lymph, Rebounding + Breast Health

As the years go by, my focus is shifting to the more minute details of my health.  Small changes that for me, bring impactful results.

I've always wanted a know the indoor mini trampolines.  Helga, a stunning woman I met 20 years ago who was wise, spiritual, had stunning skin and was so incredibly healthy told me the secret to her youthful exuberance was 10 minutes a day on her mini- trampoline.  Being a broke 24 year old, I couldn't afford the trampoline at the time, and never forgot her speaking so passionately about this most important part of her daily routine.

Over the past year, rebounders have been in and around my space.  I've read articles, gone to a class at Exhale Pilates Studio here in St. John's, and taken to educating myself more and more on the benefits of rebounding.

Did you know 10 minutes on the rebounder is equal to 20 minutes of running?  Without the jarring and pounding on your joints?  More importantly (to me), Rebounding activates your lymphatic system.

The lymphatic system is series of vessels running parallel to your blood vessels that is designed the bring nutrients to our cells and carry away the waste and unnecessary gunk.  It's so critically important to our wellbeing, yet rarely spoken about or educated on.  It's link to breast health in women is key, yet rarely, if ever mentioned.  WTF?!

So I'm clear before you read any further - I am OBSESSED with lymph drainage!!

Perhaps it's my years as a massage therapist and understanding the link to our immune system. Perhaps it's the wisdom and caring gained from getting older and wanting to be in this physical vessel as long as possible to complete my work here on Earth, I don't know...I simply know everyone, particularly women, need to pay attention to their lymphatic system. (And not just when you feel sick and think you have a swollen lymph node...)

Your lymph system is activated by physical movement - specifically vertical movement. Rebounding stimulates this system, gets the lymph flowing and your cells awake + active. This facilitates your moving toxins through your system, from cancerous cells, viruses and any other garbage your system does not need.  Rebounding engages your muscles in new ways, thus providing the necessary action to engage your lymph vessels and detoxify our systems.

My new found focus on my lymph system also has me adding the Breast Oil recipe from Living Libations founder Nadine Artemis' book, Renegade Beauty to my daily routine. Using this easy-to-make serum morning + night has me feeling like I'm taking control of my health in a deeper, more focused manner.  

It's so important to be pro-active and engaged in our own health care.  The stronger, more resilient our bodies become and the more efficient our systems are, the less likelihood we'll need to depend on a flawed healthcare system, medication or synthetics for our comfort.

If you're interested in learning more about breast health, the lymphatic system or rebounding, leave a note below and another blog will come!


Tracy xo




April || Zincite Energy

Zincite is a beautiful mineral that can be found in colours ranging from bright, cherry red, orange, yellow, sometimes carrying a blue or greenish ray as well. Zincite is the result of Zinc smelting, making it a combination created through the natural world and human creativity.

Interestingly, Zincite was a mineral theme from last year as well.

Zincite embodies the frequency of Divine Creation.  Due to it's colour rays, it brings the energy medicine of both creation and manifestation.  It brings a frequency that generates a framework of energy allowing us to create and bring something to life in the physical world.

Connecting with the energy of the sacral chakra, Zincite supports creativity, action + focus. It clears blockages accumulating over a lifetime within the sacral chakra.  Through this, it unlocks our creative expression, awakens joy, and the experience of abundance.

Call in the energy of Zincite to open, rejuvenate and activate your creative centres.  Generate an inner force that activates your creativity to manifest projects, ideas and guidance to an abundant life.


Give Me All The Clary Calm


Thanks to all of your feedback and questions from my Geranium post, I’ve decided to share my fave essential oils + tools for my moon.

While Geranium is the secret weapon I use daily to balance my hormones, Clary Calm is it’s powerhouse partner I use regularly the week of my flow.

L i f e s a v e r

A gorgeous combination of so many of my favourite Oils, it’s no surprise I wouldn’t live without it!

  • Clary Sage - Oil of Clarity + Vision
  • Lavender - Oils of Calm + Communication
  • Bergamot - Oil of Self Acceptance
  • Roman Chamomile - Oil of Spiritual Purpose
  • Ylang Ylang - Oil of the Inner Child
  • Cedarwood - Oil of Community
  • Geranium - Oil of Love + Trust
  • Fennel - Oil of Responsibility
  • Plus Carrot Seed, Palmarosa Herb, and Vitex Leaf/Berry essential oils.


In the days leading up to my moon, if there’s a sense my mood is changing, I’m snappy, edgy or reactive, immediately reaching for Clary Calm and applying to my pulse points is key.  This powerful plant blend calms my emotions and right-sets me. 

During the week of my period, if the hint of cramps begin, I apply Clary Calm to my abdomen for relief. (Thank you to the brilliant person who put this blend in a rollerball!). I also apply it to my lower stomach before bed so I’m assured a good night’s sleep without cramps.

Without coming across as Oils-crazy, (and really, I am!! So no apologies....) this, along with my practice using Geranium, as completely changed my moon time.  Seriously.  It’s gone from a dreaded time that I simply tried to get through, to an easy, this is all part of being a woman attitude.

Want a sample of Clary Calm + Geranium?  Email me! I’m happy to share!

Aside from my Oils, using The Diva Cup has been a game-changer.  I made the shift about 8 years ago when considering (1.) the environmental impact tampons have and (2.) if the toxin-laced cotton of tampons were a contributing factor to my severe cramps.  Switching to the Diva Cup did alleviate my cramping at that time.....seriously, have you ever researched what your tampons are made of??  If you're not ready to make the jump to a cup, PLEASE consider making organic cotton tampons part of your monthly budget.

Watch one of my favourite actresses explain it here;

Lastly, switching to a cup CAN be an adjustment, especially if your period is on the heavier side.  Fear Not!  Knixwear is an awesome Canadian company making leak-proof underwear that I personally wear during the first couple of days of my period....ain't nothing wrong with having some back up!  These barely noticeable leak-proof undies can absorb up to two tampons worth of flow, so work well for lighter days as well.  There are three styles to choose from, so you've got options.

Regular exercise, tons of greens, celery juice and an infusion of Nettles + Raspberry Leaf tea are all easy and supportive practices to balance your system.

Sending lots of love and easier Moon days.



My Love Affair with Geranium

Questions coming in from a recent social media post, prompted me to share more about this beautifully powerful flower.


Geranium, sometimes referred to as the "poor man's rose", is a steam distilled oil whose main constituents are Citroneliol and Geraniol, for all you science people out there! ( I was having a conversation with a Chemistry student last night about how essential oils are SCIENCE!  A blog post soon to come on that!)

Geranium is an oil I use daily for hormone balancing.  In my mid to late thirties, my periods shifted drastically.  My cycle went from being relatively pain-free and a non event, to a debilitating, popping Advil the first two days and hoping sleep is a possibility drag.

Starting with doTERRA and bringing these Oils into my life, along with the never-ending support and education of my mentor Elena Brower, I began putting the tiniest drop of Geranium on each foot arch daily.  (Like I'm talking finger over the top of the bottle and tip it upside down tiny) Within the first two months, there was a shift in my cycle - much less pain, a tolerable flow and balanced mood.  

Each month there has been a noticeable change.  This past month my flow was steady, without pain and short. ( can I get an AMEN! ) This shift is 100% attributed to my use of Geranium....I've changed nothing else. Pinky swear.

On another note, it's important to share that energetically, Geranium is the Oil of Love + Trust. I've had many clients use Geranium for it's energetic property with incredible, heart-opening results!

Other ways I use Geranium Oil:

  • one drop in my face cream/oil each morning
  • one drop in my body lotion on days I feel I need a little more love + trust in my life
  • as my deodorant in combination with sandalwood (for winter)

As a gal who once found the smell completely overwhelming, I now can't imagine my days without it!

So much to share, and I promised myself I'd keep these post brief.

I'd LOVE to send you a sample of Geranium and any other Oils that might support your health + wellness goals.  Please be in touch: and I'll craft a gift just for you!

If you're interested, learn more about my doTERRA journey here and more about ways to get started with Oils of your own here

Tracy xo

daily doTERRA

As interest peaks about essential oils, their power and efficacy, I receive many questions + queries.  Answering these questions is one of my greatest joys, as nothing drives me more crazy than investing in something - any item really - that sits on a shelf due to lack of education. 

When first starting with essential oils, the amount of information and education within our team is awesome.  It's totally designed to set you up to immediately begin to experience the Oils in your own life.  We are a group who speaks from experience, so implementing the Oils into our own lives critical to our authenticity as sharers of these powerful plants.

A woman once asked me exactly HOW I use the Oils in my daily life...though is varies little day to day, it was fun to share this, so I decided to write it down:

  1. On waking I have room temperature water with ONE drop of lemon.
  2. I choose an oil that I'm intuitively drawn to for meditation that morning.  I place one drop in my hands, rub my hands together and take three big, deep inhales.  I then sit, hands on my lap and meditate.
  3. After returning home from walking the dog, I dry brush prior to my shower using 2 - 3 drops of AromaTouch directly on my dry brush.
  4. Into the shower I go - one drop of Eucalyptus on the shower floor before anything else. Side note: I use doTERRA soap from the spa collection in the shower
  5. Exiting the shower....wait for it... homemade facial spray including frankincense, geranium, + sandalwood. Immortelle on my wee dog bite scars, one drop of geranium in my moisturizer, an eye serum that includes blue tansy, finally, unscented body moisturizer that includes one drop of an oil I feel like I need that day
  6. Before leaving the bathroom I place one drop of geranium on the arches of each foot for hormone balancing
  7. Twice per month I make a blend that speaks to me from Desiree Mangandog's book I Am Fabulous.  It supports me energetically with anything I'm working through and manifesting in my life.
  8. Turning on the diffuser varies every day - I could use the oil I meditated with, and most often it's a combined request of what I'm drawn to that day, and if Mike has asked for anything specific
  9. Morning smoothie - a citrus oil is ALWAYS a delicious addition.  Lately we love lemon or tangerine
  10. While preparing for my day, I go through my Oils + my Go-Alignment clutch to see what I'm drawn towards for the day. Today it was In Tune, last week my faves were Jasmine, Neroli + Rose.
  11. As I move throughout my day, I use and apply numerous Oils depending on what comes up and how I'm feeling.  Some days require more creativity, so more connection, some more grounding.  I'm blessed to trust my intuition and reach for whatever calls to me.  
  12. As someone who can be hard on mySelf, I have Forgive and Peace close by always....Forgive to move through mistakes quickly + stop beating myself up for something small and insignificant, Peace to remain calm + grounded no matter what the circumstance.  I also love Balance for this as well.
  13. By this time of day, I've changed out the diffuser....if it's later in the day and I'm lacking energy, I'll add an uplifting citrus oil with some type of Fir (one of my favourite combos) If I have clients calls, I may choose Spearmint with Frankincense.
  14. Also in the afternoon, Mike + I add one drop of citrus oil to our water - I typically choose Grapefruit, Mike goes between Lime + Wild Orange.  It's a great pick me up and awesome way to ensure we're getting enough water.
  15. Dinner is always sparkling water with a citrus oil....I always let Mike choose.
  16. As we begin to wind down for the evening, Easy Air / Breathe goes into the bedroom diffuser.
  17. One drop of Frankincense goes into my night cream.
  18. Lastly, the night comes to a close as I climb into bed and roll both On Guard + Lavender on the bottoms of my feet.  Immune-boosting plus deep rest keeps me healthy + thriving.

Soo....essential  So many uses, so impactful.  These are natural solutions to support your healing and daily life.

***Please note, these are the items that work for me.  I am not a doctor or medical practitioner, so the information shared in this blog is not meant as medical advice.

Please reach out to get started on your own Oil journey.  A free 35 minute consultation awaits you as we discuss your specific health + wellness goals to create a custom kit unique to your requirements.  Email is great:




March || Ruby Energy

Ruby brings a vibrancy and life energy to our systems.  It is a beautiful stone that promotes courage needed to take any leaps of faith necessary to reach our true potential.  It allows you to be the person who stands steadfast in what you believe in and be a person of true integrity. Ruby is one of the most dynamic and active stones available to us today.  Ruby brings a passion for living, the courage to live that life and the stabilizing energy to sustain.  She calls us to stand powerfully in who we are.

Ruby dates back centuries and is one of the most precious stones in history: referenced in the Bible, it was one of the power stones on Aaron's breastplate; it played a large role in the Lord of the Rings and has always been revered for it's magic.

Combining the energies of Earth + Fire, the Ruby's red energy corresponds directly to our root chakra.  Our root chakra is our foundation. Residing at the base of our spine, it truly is our foundation.  It is our stability centre for life - our values, our family, our security.  It is the basis of all as without a solid foundation, things may crumble.  More importantly, it is the centre of our life force.  Ruby supports in pulling the energy up from the Earth, nourishing our nervous system and vital energy.  

The energy of Ruby asks us to reestablish the magic of ritual + connection to Self as a way to generate our life force. Channel this magical energy into your current projects or life situations.  Allow the Ruby energy to share it's vibrancy.

As a highly spiritual stone, my {Star} Ruby is a stone I use most frequently in my healing sessions.  Emanating the Red Ray of healing, stability and grounding, it supports both me as the healer, as well as the one experiencing the healing. ( A Star Ruby is a version of Ruby that emanates a six star when moved in light. )

Star Ruby.jpg

A powerful stone for Kundalini, she may activate the Serpent energy, allowing the life force to rise within.

The Essential Oil that most resonates with Ruby is Cypress, the Oil of Motion + Flow.  Calling forth the energetic movement to clear + create space, then couragously 

How will you harness the vastness of the Ruby energy this month?

I invite you to use this meditation practice:

If you have a Ruby, please have it with you. Taking a comfortable seat, place your Ruby in your lap or on the floor in front of you.

Place one drop of Cypress essential oil in the palm of your hands.  Rub your palms together, then cupping your hands over your nose + mouth (please stay clear of your eyes) take three slow, deep inhales.  Allows the energy of Cypress to connect.  As you rest your hands on your thighs, continue with deep, fluid breaths.  If you have your Ruby, feel free to place it in one of your hands.  it is also fine to leave it in your lap or on the floor in front of you.

Allow your breathing to easily flow as you call in and connect to the energy of Ruby.

Continuing to connect to Ruby energy through your breath, allow this energy to rise from the base of your spine, into your pelvis, your belly, into your heart centre.  Feel the steadiness, yet courageous energy fill your system.  Allow the energy to flow as your breath carries the energy of Ruby.

Sense the grounding, yet fiery energy.  Sense your energy rising, filling you with trust, courage and a new connection to Self.  Stay with your breath for as long as feels resonate for you.

When complete, take 3 deep, grounding breaths.  Bow your head in thanks.  Thank the energy of the Ruby for bringing life force to you + your system.  Slowly blink your eyes open.

Reflect + journal any of the messages Ruby energy has to share with you.

Tracy xo

** If you wish to receive a sample of Cypress Oil, please connect



Crystalline Energy Medicine 2018 || Bloodstone

Bloodstone || Courage


The theme for 2018 is Bloodstone, which carries the energy of Courage.  What a beautiful intention to be brought forward for us all energetically.

On my first visit to Kalani, a Bloodstone obelisk is what I chose to bring home as a reminder of my time there.  I was drawn to the strength of this particular stone, which I felt held the power of the island.

As depicted in the photo, Bloodstone is a deep green stone with splashes of red throughout that resemble blood splatter.  The combination of the healing energy of the green ray with the red of the base chakra, supports the healing of wounds allowing us to ground that strength through our base chakra in order to have a solid foundation of which to build our year upon. 

What requires healing in order for you to have a year lead through courage?  Allow the energy of Bloodstone to reveal this to you and carry you towards your purpose.

The energy of Bloodstone for me has always been that of warrior energy.  Bringing forth what is in your heart and providing the strength and courage to clear what is in the way and move forward in the physical world. A life force stone that purifies - our cells, negative energies and blocks, bloodstone allows us to step into our vitality as never before.  Courage, determination and an unshakable strength in our beliefs has us live with valour + integrity.   

Writing about Bloodstone, I feel the presence of Joan of Arc and want to use my obelisk as a sword.

Allow the energy of Bloodstone to energize you + work through you.  Call in it's courage to live into your Highest Self. 


All love,

Tracy xo

PS: If connecting to and communicating with crystals and minerals is of interest to you, please consider Essential Alchemy, a monthly online learning community whose intention it is to create the space to connect to these beautiful talismans of the Earth.