Crystal Clarity

This particular full moon is the perfect time to be launching my first collaboration with my friend Jacki Carr.  More on Jacki in a separate blog post and what you need to know now  ---> she is a no-holds-barred, let's-get-real and to the core of who you are, kind of girl.  I've known her for years and am excited to be creating fun + life-altering work together.  My sense is this will be the first of many creative ideas we bring to life.

When I consider our collaboration, FOUNDATION is the word.  Getting clear on your core values and energetically creating a real shift.  Truly choosing what is required to live into that new reality….with a little help from Mother Earth.  

Truth is, digging into and getting clear on my core values is what has lead me here - getting real about who I am and what's important to me has definitely been an eye-opening journey.  

Being here now feels so damn good.  


:: CRYSTALS + CLARITY :: is our way of bringing what we love and believe to YOU.  There's nothing more exciting for me than sharing something that's been life-changing.  Something that I am certain will have an impact.  Crystals + Clarity is that.  You'll receive one part crystals (me) and one part clarity (Jacki).     

A double dose of real talk.  

I get it may sound out there, maybe even a little weird.  I've long moved past that aspect of it and stay grounded in the fact we are all energy and so energetic shifts happen.  Period.  Truth is truth and the truth shall set you free.  

In honour of continuing to step out of the spiritual closet, head here to read more about my experience with crystals + all things energy work.  Read about Jacki's crystal clear moment here.

Full moon, new moon, new year - any time is the right time to ground and root into your true self.    

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