Moon Energy

October Full Moon in Vancouver

October Full Moon in Vancouver


It seems correct to finally be putting my work + website into the world today, on a full moon.  What a fricken leap!

This full moon is all about values + foundation - getting clear on what you truly value and stand for - then bringing in and creating what is required to build upon over the next few months.  

My website has felt that way - building a strong base, a space that is a true reflection of me and more importantly, who I am for YOU.  I'm excited to be stepping into a new space - literally and figuratively - integrating my love of leadership + energy work in a way that's accessible and bringing it to a world that is ready.  MORE THAN READY.  

My commitment through the work we create together is that your clarity provides a foundation for you to leap.  In fact SOAR, all in + completely aligned into your chosen future!