As Good As Gold


This year, more than any recent years, I'm SUPER into Christmas.  A full year of not working in retail and I can finally enjoy the season.  My gifts are wrapped + shipped so I've been enjoying the energy and buzz this time of year brings.

Typical at the end of every day, I was out wandering around this evening, enjoying the nip in the air and the Christmas lights around DC, when my friend Megan came to mind.  A quick bite to eat + stroll later, I jumped on Facebook to read this latest post by Megan.

What The Fuck?!  Honestly, how does the sweetest, most optimistic person have to go through this shit ah-gain?!   As someone who always trusts, I simply do not get it.  At. All.

I met Megan a couple of years ago and we hit it off immediately.  Bonding over our love of pop culture, morning talk shows, spinning and yoga.  

Long after I moved on from Matt after he completely screwed Ann over,  my love for Megan continued to grow.  So of course, learning she had cancer earlier this year, my goal was to send an abundance of loving, healing energy her way, and make her laugh whenever I had the chance.    

Stead-fast and strong through Round 1 was the name of the game.  Megan continued to work and designed an awesome line of jewellery for Bauble Bar (ahem, Lion Bracelet anyone?)  in between treatments.

Yet through all the smiles, laughs and gold, the reality of treatment, both physical + financial is very real.  

In an effort to contribute, some of you may remember my donation of $10.00 from every Chakra Balancing Kit sold going to Megan's medical fund.  Thank you to everyone who purchased a kit + supported sweet Megan.

As we move into the holidays, perhaps some awesomely charged crystals are the unique, last minute gift you're looking for.  No doubt someone in your life will believe this is the coolest, most thoughtful gift they've ever received.  


A custom-chosen kit of 9 crystals plus a how-to-use booklet.  

As an extra energetic jolt in more way than one,  50% of the funds from all kits purchased Dec 12th - Jan 15th will go towards Megan's medical fund.  Bring awareness + balance to your chakras and receive some good karma to boot!  win-win.

Email to place your order!  

Here's to TKO-ing Round Two!