August 2015 - Azeztulite

As we head into August, we remain in the Storm element.  

This particular card, representing the stone Azeztulite,  signifies Alternate Realities - that our perception of reality is limited by our own beliefs + development.  While the picture in the card is not real (a temple submerged underwater, with UFO-type aircrafts hovering) it does represent what can happen when we allow ourselves to be open to what is possible.  

Azeztulite, a stone I am unfamiliar with, represents the realm of alternate realities.  

It teaches us to be open.  Open to the realities of the plant + mineral kingdom.  That the subtle energies of light, crystals and animals are abundant.  Azeztulite supports us in connecting with everything around us on all levels to elevate the beings we truly are.

This crystal is a type of Quartz.  It is beautifully clear and resembles broken glass.  

It carries a high, fine vibration and, working with our crown chakra + third eye,  reminds us anything is possible.  Allowing us to see more depth + beauty in everything around us, we become aware that anything is possible.  We come to see every circumstance is an opportunity for a greater perspective.  

Azeztulite brings an invitation to open ourselves up to a new view - an expanded version of what we ever thought possible.

This month, let go of anything that you are holding onto.  

You are ready for a higher level of vibration.  

You are ready to shine a light so bright, sharing with the world a new way to love + give of yourself.  Know that now is the time.  The world is waiting for you to grab ahold of your purpose and share your true self.  When you lead the way with your passion, you give others permission to do the same and step outside of themselves in the name of something greater. 

Take the step now.  

Open yourself to connect with what you're being called to share.  

The world is waiting.

Lots of love, Tracy xo