July - Storm

Oopps, I'm only now realizing this did not publish in July.   Here's to more tech savvy back half of the year!

This card indicates a transformational time.  The combination of Earth, water, Wind + Fire combine to create the energy of Storm.  

Storm is a point of perfect balance.  It is creation + destruction all in one.  Which makes sense as  you cannot have creation without the destruction of something - ideals, ego, thoughts, doubts.

Storm brings the energy of rebirth.  Though not always an easy process, necessary in the cycle of life.  We all need to move, shift, develop and grow to be vibrant + alive in this life.  Storm brings a new direction to explore.

This is an active time on all levels - spiritual, emotional + physical.  All experiences will feel the impact of this energy.  While it may be intense, it will be incredibly cleansing and leave space for new experiences to root and grow. 

Inspired action.  Forward movement.  Momentum.  Renewal.  All require the energy Storm brings.

Though it may not initially appear so, this is a time of great blessing.  Change + growth are rarely easy.  Letting go of old beliefs, thought patterns + ideals takes work.  

Stay in the work.  

Allow the Storm energy to clease you and. Receive it with outstretched arms + soak it all in.



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