June 2015 - Pyrite

Earth Element | Male Power

Iron Pyrite, also referred to as Fool's Gold, is a stone a get asked about most often.  Many people are pulled towards it's grounding + protective energy.  It provides a safe space from which to take action and people can sense that about it.

Deeply connect to the Earth, Pyrite reflects our need for a balance of male + female.  It's connection to the Sun is necessary to create + encourage life.  Pyrite, with it's golden glow, represents the solar power within the Earth itself.

The energy of Pyrite is growth + movement.  

It is a safe place from which to take inspired action.  As its golden beams of the sun are anchored + protective.  I often tell people having pyrite is like being enveloped in a golden egg of protection.  

It is a driving force that has us act upon our creations.

It is strong + grounding, through it's bright light of inspiration.

Small chunk of pyrite

Small chunk of pyrite