May 2015 - Malachite

Will | Fire Element

For along time I've had an aversion to Malachite.  For starters, I'm not a huge fan of green, and even moreso, this stone is powerful.

It carries so much power + strength that you must clear + cleanse it after each use.

Containing patterns of dark + light green, Malachite has the ability to clear any influences of ego from your Will so that it aligns our third chakra, or Solar Plexus with the Divine.

This stone teaches us how to correctly apply our innate force of Will to situations around us in order to affect change.  

As Mystic Mamma has shared, the theme for May is New Alignment.  

Malachite as the crystal theme for May supports this by asking us what we can create + manifest through our Divine Will, our HIghest Good.  A new alignment within ourselves so to speak.  This alignment creates a connection deep within yourself + and an alignment like no other.  

When working from this place, we come closer to our calling, and step into work we cannot create alone.  A trust in something greater and a Universal force is required to bring the inspired action into fruition.

Check in with yourself - is your Will aligned with your ego or the Divine?  Allow the energy of Malachite to support the balance and guide you to your greater purpose.  

Your reality will begin to manifest in a new way, opening up new, unexplored pathways.

    My piece of Malachite


My piece of Malachite