September 2015 - Wind

For anyone who lives in Vancouver, this card is incredibly accurate.  W O W, the wind. 

Related to the full moon we just moved through, the element of WIND is related to Spirit + mind.  

Consider the Wind is like our own Spirit - it can be felt through who we are and how we grow, and yet we cannot touch it.  

(This is something that's been coming up a lot with my clients lately - an understanding that there is an element of incredible strength that cannot be seen, yet brings power to what we create.)

Wind lives in each of us as our breath and other gasses that our body and it's cells require to function.  It also lives as our mind, and the reality we create within ourselves that then may become our reality.  

Wind is a great cleanse from Mother Earth.  It clears and cleanses all energy in all realms - energetic, spiritual and physical.  Within our day to day life, deep breathing has a similar effect, cleansing our cells, minds + spirit, removing stagnant or stuck energy.

Wind energy can be as gentle as summer breeze or as dramatic as the wind storm in Vancouver this past weekend, toppling tress and causing damage.  Wind is able to effect immediate change in clearing old debris.  

Do you require the breeze or the storm-strength wind?

As a guide for September, Wind reminds us to listen to your intuition, in whatever manner it appears for you - Angels, Guides, God.  All of these are forms of your Higher Self providing guidance as the Wind energy brings you clarity and the ability to impact change. 

This month, consider beginning a meditation practice, getting outside regularly, or anything that will allow you to connect to your greater Self.  

The messages are there, this month it's your responsibility to consciously listen.

Love, Tracy xo