January 2015 - Charoite

" The longest path you'll ever take is from your head to your heart."  I read this quote a couple of years ago now, and the energy of Charoite had it come to mind when the card came up for January. 

The energy of this stone will make this path a little easier and ALOT more clear.  

Charoite is a beautiful purple stone, related to our crown chakra.  It's mainly found in Russia.

Charoite is known to reveal one's path of service, which is fitting as the crystal for January.  For many of us, this is a time of renewal, clear vision + goal setting for 2015.  Charoite will support you in clarity, purity + releasing any fear you're carrying around the shifts and choices heading into a new year requires.  

Charoite is a protective stone that is good for releasing inner negativity.  It supports bringing your heart + crown chakras into synchronicity allowing for clear spiritual insights and creating the conditions for unconditional love.  

Who wouldn't want to start a new year with that?!!

Dear, sweet, Charoite.  It's such an unassuming stone, yet one that carries much power.  It is truly a stone of transformation, providing deep physical + emotional healing.  By aligning your crown + heart chakras, it brings intuitive insights into reality.  Connect to your intuition, land it in your body, then move into action!

These next few days as I continue to get more specific with my 2015 goals, I'll be meditating with Charoite.  Tapping into my inner vision + trusting the support it provides me in being super clear on my path for 2015.  Creating a year that makes my heart sing + inspires me into action naturally happens when I'm listening to my intuitive voice and allowing it to guide me.  May as well have Charoite give me an extra boost! 

During the Connect to Clarity workshop on Jan 18th, we'll do a short meditation with Charoite before writing our vision and creating vision boards for the year ahead.  It's an easy way to tap into a specific energy + something any of you can do at any time!   

Go as simple or as deep as you'd like with this stone.  

For any of you baby-stepping into the world of crystals, Charoite is gentle, yet powerful.  If you're not ready to meditate just yet, simply have this stone by your bed and get ready for a deep sleep + some fun dreams to boot!  

Keep the stone with you throughout the day - I'm a big fan of having crystals in your bra or pocket - and see if you or anyone around you notice shifts in your energy.  

Wherever you are right now is perfect.  Harness the energy of Charoite + share where it takes you!

Tracy xo