The beauty of the unknown...


At the beginning of 2015, I set a goal to spend more time in nature.  To be clear, not simply outside…I'm outside a lot.  My goal was specially to be in nature more often.  Walks by the ocean, hikes up mountains, runs through the trails.

As I tell many of my clients, when you create a vision or have a goal, it's important to not get caught up in the how.  Allow your intuition to guide you rather than your rational mind telling you all the reasons something can't happen.  

Sometimes, people don't include goals, like things they really, really want to happen in their life because they, "Just can't see how it's going to happen".  Learning to trust the power of manifestation + the law of attraction is huge.  When everything aligns, your vision or goal will come to fruition.

Now, let's back track a little.

Mike + I have been together for 14 years.  For AT LEAST 8 of these years I've wanted a dog.  Yet, I travelled too much, Mike had a new business, etc, etc.  I'd all but given up on the goal to be completely honest.

Low + behold, life settled.  And sure as sh*t, the breed of dog I've wanted came up for adoption.  I told Mike and we went for it.  Well, turns out this guy was already fostered, so the chances of getting him were slim to none.

Mike commented that is was probably for the best because our home is limited in space, so a small dog would make more sense.  

Hold.  The.  Phone.  Mike doesn't like small dogs…..

Here's how the next 45 mins played out:

Me: I thought you didn't like small dogs?!

Mike:  I've always loved those little white Westies. My neighbour had one growing up and I always thought they were cute.

Me:  I'm getting on google right now to see if I can find one for adoption.

…cut to 15 mins later….

There's a Westie at Richmond Animal Protection Society.  It says he's special needs, I'm going to see him.

So, 3:30pm on a Friday I jump in the car for the traffic-filled drive.

Once at the shelter, I meet the sweetest dog I've ever seen.  He's wearing a cone + a too big sweater because his hair has fallen out from food allergies + neglect, and his skin is black, itchy and falling off in chunks.

And he is the sweetest thing.  So happy and joyful despite the pain + suffering.

                                            First meeting with Willie.

                                            First meeting with Willie.

After walking him for 45 mins, come back and fill out the paper work, telling the shelter manager, Kara, that I'll be back tomorrow with Mike.

Saturday afternoon, Mike, our friend Madison and I all go out to the shelter.

Sweet Westie remembers me and when released from his crate, jumps up in a new too big sweater to give me kisses galore.

We all walk him and as Mike is lagging behind, I worry we're leaving him at the shelter.

My heart sinks.

At a Starbucks up the street, I run in to grab us all coffee.  (I'm allowing space for Mike to spend some time with Sweet Westie to get to know him)

As I bound out the door, coffees in hand, and ask Mike what he thinks, he says, " I think we should take him home tonight."

I'm stunned.  I start jumping up + down, semi-screaming, semi-crying because I am so excited!!  Sweet Westie is coming home with us!!!

                                                   One of the first days in his new home.

                                                   One of the first days in his new home.

Nine months after that day, I have been for hour long walks on the beach, spent countless hours on the trails and hiked beautiful areas of this province each + every day.

I had absolutely NO idea when I set the goal in January to spend more time in nature, that the HOW would be sweet Willie.

Sometimes, when setting a goal without fully understanding the "how", we can get caught up in logistics.  

The work is trusting yourself + the Universe enough to know when it's aligned + correct for you, goals manifest in the most incredible ways.

Tracy xo