Giving Guide

Chakra bracelet from By NML.

Chakra bracelet from By NML.

Christmas has always been my favourite time of year.  I love the lights, the buzz in the air, and most of all, taking the time to choose the perfect gift.   I take great pride in the gifts I give.  Over the years they've become more functional than frivolous, with a focus on supporting local shops.  

Here are a list of items that will make anyone smile.  

May Lindstrom Skincare:  The reality is, I love people who are leaders in their industry.  Courageous enough to take a stand for what they believe in, the quality of their product and all that comes with it.  May's Blue Cocoon is the staple of my skin care routine.  In Canada, you can shop local: Eco Diva Beauty, The Detox Market in Toronto + Clementine Fields

Anything Heidi Merrick from Oliver + Lilly's:  As above, Heidi is THE West Coast designer, who stands for Made in America, and artistically-driven designs.  I love that her collection is beautiful + artistic, with a west coast vibe that allows me to wear it every. single. day.  

Matthew Freed Pottery: My first pieces of Matthew's were some custom-made small bowls to hold my crystals at It's Time to Bloom.  I've continued to grow my collection and look forward to seeing him at Granville Island this weekend. 

Richmond Animal Protection Society: Donating to any animal organization is high on my list.  RAPS spent three months nursing sweet Willie back to health, so you can bet your bottom dollar they are receiving back what they've given to us.

Pura Mane Mist:  Lane is a modern day alchemist.  Her beautifully crafted potions are a Made in Canada miracle, especially the Mane Mist.  Somehow this magic has managed to get my crazy, frizzy hair under control.  

Shakti Medicine Bag: A labour of love through a clear vision, these beautiful medicine bags are handmade in Canada.  I treasure mine + love that it means i keep all things sacred close to me at all times. 

The Sleep Shirt:  Three years ago, this was the best investment I ever made.  I  L I V E  in my Sleep Shirt.  It's embarrassing how much I wear it.  

By NML: Intention-filled love.  My long time friend Natasha Lowe has found her love in creating everyday, wearable pieces of jewellery that carry a specific energy + vibration.  If you don't find what you're looking for in her online shop, reach out to her directly as she's more than happy to create a custom piece.

Books, books + more books!:  Banyen Books is one of my favourite places in Vancouver.  Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert is at the top of my list this year, as is The Law of Divine Compensation by Marianne Williamson, Leap of Perception from Penney Peirce, + Wings of Forgiveness by Kyle Gray.  The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz is an annual read for me, and makes a great gift for anyone in your life.

Have a wonderful, love-filled holiday season!

Tracy xo