I Am / You Are

Working with clients, I get a daily reminder of the power of igolu, then there are times it hits me like a ton of bricks.

You see, I've had an off couple of weeks.  Nothing too severe, just not feeling myself. (first red flag!)  Convinced it was the lack of sleep from our new rescue pup, Willie, it didn't occur to me that I may need to look a little deeper + understand what is required to restore myself.

Yesterday morning, sitting in my meditation, I recognized exactly that - I am not 100% myself.  Power comes from wholeness and I am not completely whole.  

Fear + doubt are hovering over me.  A sense of being smothered + not fully able to express myself.  Second guessing + hesitation are my new companions.  Not me at all.

Sitting in that meditation, it is clear where it crept in.

A couple of weeks ago my integrity was called into question.  Fear was placed on me through words stemming from power, control and a lack of responsibility.  Checking myself, asking all the correct questions, doing what is required of me and looking for where I am responsible, I  determined my integrity is intact.  

So what gives with this uneasiness I'm feeling?

BAM.  The energy I am holding is not mine.

The miss of a critical step - I AM / YOU ARE.  Not taking on the issues of others.  Distinguishing between processing my own issue from that of another.  Being so clear in who I am, that the energy of another cannot shake my stand.

In this situation, I became the excuse + reasoning, the blame + explanation for their lack of accountability and integrity.  

And... I allowed it.  

My energy + keeping myself clear is my responsibility.  

Aligning with mySelf through my meditation, getting coached to ensure I am not missing anything, doing everything I require to restore mySelf, I am clear + connected.  

Ready to LEAP!

My meditation: smoky quartz + black tourmaline to ground me + the protection of pyrite.

My meditation: smoky quartz + black tourmaline to ground me + the protection of pyrite.

I am Tracy ----- You are xxx. 

Check in with yourself and ask - Am I 100% myself?  Listen for what comes and get quiet to determine what you require to return to wholeness.  

Your power lies in being 100% yourself.

xo Tracy