Hiding Out….

Sooo, I've been hiding out these days.  

Like really keeping myself flying under the radar.  I keep picturing a puffin, able to take flight yet not soaring.

There are a multitude of reasons - the new pup is taking all my time, I'm busy (original), life is happening and time is flying by so quickly.  (It's already May?!!) All true, and absolutely not the reason.

I comfortably slide back into my story, though a difference version with a twist.  The story that people think I'm weird.  The story that I don't have anything to offer.  That what I'm focusing on is being done.  That I'll look like a copy cat.  

Blah, blah, blah….the same squawking chicken.

It's been a fair-sized chunk of time.

Thankfully I have the tools to recognize what is actually going on + the most amazing group of friends around who've noticed the radio silence + lack of social media presence around what I'm most passionate about.  

Thank fucking god for people who stand for me and hold me to my highest good + sharing my gifts.  

The people who question why. 

The people who push for the real answer and call bullshit if necessary.

You need people like this in your life - if you don't have at least one, go request it of someone!

My time underground has not been without inspiration.  In fact the value of silence and allowing new insight to pour in have been an unexpected bonus from my self-imposed exile from social media.  

It's been bubbling inside for some time, so I'm excited to share what I'm creating as it starts to take shape + unfold. 

All of this to say I'm happy, healthy, had an amazing growth period and will be sharing lots in the coming weeks.

Lots of love on this fine day,

Tracy xo