I am: An igolu ( i . goal. u ) leader


igolu is a movement.  A choice to stand for others as they live into their vision + goals.


Preparing for an early morning igolu call with a client.

Preparing for an early morning igolu call with a client.

This is who I am each + every day.  Of course I have times when I slip into doubt + fear.  Am I perfectly and always above the line, no.  It is my practice to be a leader, be real and do the work each + every day.

Practice is key.  It takes consistency and commitment to stand for something bigger than myself.

I am an igolu leader in all areas of life, not simply when I'm on calls and facilitating groups.  I stand for people being great, speaking the truth with kindness + being clear that generosity leads every interaction.

Knowing what I stand for is a huge part of my choice to become a certified igolu leader.   The shifts I experienced in my own life when going through the program were, and continue to be so powerful:

+ getting clear on who I am and what I want in life.  I was living so much by what I did not want and so was attracting the incorrect things.

+ creating a vision for my life.  An energetic guide that pulls me forward each day.

+ learning that fear + doubt are gremlins lurking under the surface.  Their job is to hold me back.  My job is to clear them out and remain in a state of faith + patience.

+ Being bold and making requests that are out of the norm to move things forward.  Projects, goals…life.

+ being clear in my listening.  Knowing what my body is telling me (as opposed to me brain) because my body NEVER lies.

+ being clear in my speaking.  Knowing what I require and asking for it with clarity + a definitive timeline.

+ creating a killer playlist that will pull me above the line in those moments when I'm stuck is a must

+ having a board of directors - people I trust implicitly with their words is critical.  My life is better when I know for certain people have my back.

+ anything is possible when i remove the blocks from past experiences that are holding me back.  

+ i am living my future now

+ when i am clear i have the opportunity to pull my future forward.  Things happen lightening fast when I'm a clear channel for what I am creating.

+ my intuition always guides me and never leads me astray.  Staying connected + aligned, doing what I require for myself is what gives me the frequency to listen.

+ I AM / You Are.  I am crystal clear what energy is mine and what's yours.  I will not take it on.  True leadership is being the space for you to work through what is yours.  That experience is for you, not me.

+ there is good + bad energy in the world and that's ok.  Most people are well meaning and have no idea what energy they project.  My work is to be aware + protect myself.

+ trust is earned not given.  This was a tough lesson for me to learn as I grew up trusting everyone.  Lesson learned - not everyone deserves my trust.

Who I am is the possibility for you to create these shifts in your own life.  To see you can have a life of your own creation through clearing the past, and choosing to take inspired action into a future that excites you!  Anything is truly possible when you commit.

If this peaks your interest, check out how to work with me or the igolu website for more information + to find other certified leaders.

All love,

Tracy xo