Travel Happy

A stunning sunrise is one of the bonuses of an early morning flight from YVR

A stunning sunrise is one of the bonuses of an early morning flight from YVR

Once upon a time, I traveled three weeks out of every month.  The customs agents + the gate staff became acquaintances - I was on a plane often.  At the time, I loved it. 

People couldn't understand how I did it.  Well, not only did it, enjoyed it.

I've mentioned in previous posts that my life is pretty simply.  The beauty of the simplicity is that it can be transferred anywhere.  

As I get ready to head to LA for an igolu workshop this weekend, my preparation includes what I'll need while I'm there to ensure I'm happy, healthy + nourished.  

What keeps me grounded + connected is maintaining my daily home life + rituals.

Here's how I'm setting myself up:

// green juice from Moon Juice

// bring tonic herbs + rose tea - continuing my morning + midday tonics are the key to stay healthy.

// crystals to clear + cleanse the hotel room - on entering the room i consciously lay my crystals out, then head for a walk while the energy is cleared.

// create a mini altar - a re-creation of the sacred space i have at home.  crystals, oils, photos + meaningful symbols will all adorn my hotel room altar. 

// oracle cards - i pull one each morning to set me up for the day.  It is placed on the altar.

//  chakra cleanse for busy people meditation by Belinda Davidson on my iPhone.

// probiotics to keep up my digestion.

// travel yoga mat - i always make sure i have a class chosen to attend.

// running shoes - there's no better way to see a city + clear my mind than to hit the pavement.

// restaurants + grocery stores near by -. I'll hit up Whole Foods as soon as I get to my hotel, and will probably eat dinner at Real Food Daily each night.

// bed by 930 - proper sleep keeps me clear!  (secretly i'd like to be in bed by 830!)

Knowing what maintains my energy + health is essential anytime, and especially when in a new environment.  What do you require to keep you healthy + happy no matter where you are?

Love, Tracy xo