Forest Bathing

As I mentioned in this post, my goal last year was to spend more time in nature. (Which I did!)  I've always loved the outdoors.  When I was young and we'd visit my grandparents in Newfoundland, I remember spending hours outside amongst the rocks during low tide.  Seeing the little pools of water and whatever was in there (usually starfish!) was so much fun.

As an adult, trail running became a favourite activity.  Feeling the ground beneath my feet, smelling the trees and being in the deafening silence rejuvenated me.  It still does.  A few times a week, I load Willie into the car, drive 10 minutes + head into the trails.  I emerge with a clear head, inspired + bursting with ideas.  

A typical Sunday morning.

A typical Sunday morning.

Little did I know, this is a Japanese tradition known as Forest Bathing.  This blog landed in my inbox earlier this week + I realized my city-life reprieve is very on trend.

In a day + age where we are constantly bombarded by everything - noise, ads, television, smart phones, it's no surprise one of the top trends in the spa industry involves spending time in nature.  Our urbanized life means escaping into Mother Nature is a treasure.  Isn't that crazy?  Who would have thought even 10 years ago that people would be paying top dollar to spend time in the woods….or even mimic spending time in the woods.  

How do you connect, ground + rejuvenate?   What do you require to revitalize yourSelf?  To hear the quiet voice inside?  

If rooting among the trees appeals to you and you're not near a forest, create it for yourself.  Burn balsam or fir essential oils, instead of flowers, place boughs in a vase during the winter months, or hang a photo of your favourite tree-lined area. 

It will calm + ground you and provide the grounding energy of nature every day.

Love, Tracy xo