Elevating the Game(s)

Sometimes a project, intended adventure or life circumstance requires a bold request.

A bold request, in the igolu curriculum, is a specific request of an individual that is considered outside of societal norms.  It tends to elevate the possibility of a person or of a project.

This is not every day conversation.  This is big + bold and something that you know is going to quantum leap your project, circumstance or life forward.  Why simply jump when you can take a LARGE leap.

I moved to Vancouver 10 years ago because of a job promotion with lululemon.  The company was young, growing rapidly and the fun, fast-paced environment was incredible.  I was working like a crazy woman, doing 3 roles, and not even batting an eyelash.  It was a blast.

It was also 2008 and the 2010 Olympic Games were heading to Vancouver in 18 months.  One of my responsibilities was the then-exisitng Elite Ambassador Program, which was the companies support of amateur + Olympic athletes.  With the Olympics quickly approaching, having an individual dedicated to that role was absolutely critical.  My boss + I had both been doing it off the side of our desks, and the responsibility of the Olympic plan was looming.  (a definite fml moment)

We'd been talking for months about hiring someone.  MONTHS.  Of course we were so busy, it never happened.

Weeks + months passed.  Product to be created, parties to be planned, homes to be rented.  

Sitting at my bosses desk one day, I told him I had a bold request.  OK… was the response.

Let's sit in a room one day next week and create a vision for who we want to hire for the Olympics.  Get clear on details and law-of-attraction this person.  (let's quantum leap this thing!!)

We enlisted the support of our training partner, sat in a room for hours and got crystal clear on who we wanted:  female, ex-skier, fun, someone we'd want to hang out with.  Someone logistical (or at least better logistically that either of us! haha)  The list went on and on.  I believe we also created a semi-clear job description that day too.

Three days later, the call came.  

A couple of weeks later, the candidate arrived at our office for her interview.  We went to Starbucks and I ordered a quad grande Americano.  Our friendship took off from that point.  

When I returned to the office, a colleague of mine commented that I looked like I was in love.  The look was a combination of excitement at attracting the best possible person for the job, and knowing a bold request was the catalyst for incredible things about to be created.

A moment of no-more-messing-around nice girl, gave way to an unforgettable experience and the connection with an extraordinary human being.

   Crazy early morning at the Today Show.


Crazy early morning at the Today Show.

Where can a bold request elevate you, someone around you, or a project you're working on?

Interested in learning how to powerfully complete projects while leading others?  igolu level two group sessions are launching soon.  Stay tuned!