Funky Town

We are all human, having a human experience.  There are days + times, when things simply do not go our way.  We feel "off", our sense of self is missing (hello…where did I go?!) and our life, that seemingly had so much flow, becomes much harder.  Like trudging through quicksand.

In my experience, throughout these times, I'm tired, my drive to get things done diminishes, well, tanks, really + the couch with Downton Abbey seems like a much better idea than just about anything.  

Yet, the reality is, this is not me.  It's not who I am and is a big, neon blinking sign that I need to snap out of it.

Given the work I do, whenever I'm caught in this spiral, I typically know there is an energetic reason.  For all of us, our reasons are as unique as how it shows up, yet I know for me, I've picked something up along the way that simply is not mine.  

My vibe is low, and it is not good.

You see that….this type of shit happens all the time and it takes rigorous self awareness, + a lot of discipline to right myself. 

We live in a close society, meaning connection is happening all ways. 

Today I thought I'd share some ways that work for me to get myself out of this funkiness:

Being In Nature ||  If you've read any of my blogs, this is no surprise.  Walking in the woods, climbing over rocks + strolling along the sea clears my field + allows me to come back to centre.

Meditation ||  Though meditation is a daily ritual for me, when I'm in a funk, it takes something far more, to intentionally clear + ground myself on a different level.  This chakra cleanse meditation by Belinda Davidson is one of my favourites.

Space Clearing ||  Get the energetic junk out.  Opening all of windows + doors, saging every nook + cranny of my space, then burning incense to rejuvenate.

Sweat It Out || There's nothing like a good sweat to get me back into my body, moving through all the feelings, and landing back on my feet with renewed gusto.  It's a physical clearing for my body + mind that gets me more clear + able to distinguish my energy vs someone else's energy (There's that, " I feel off sensation")

Community || Calling in the big guns is sometimes required.  I have some dependable friends + colleagues I lean on when I can't shake off whatever is going on with me.  They zero-in and get to the heart of the matter quickly so I can clearly see what's needed and choose to move through it quickly.  Sometimes you simply need to talk it out to arrive at the conclusion.

Candles || Another element of nature.  I find fire so calming.  The glow, the focus, all aspects are super cleansing to me.  (I am a Sagittarius!!)  I burn beeswax candles as often as possible to reap the benefit of it's properties.

Cards, Crystals, Oils || Each day I intuitively choose any crystals + an oil that will support whatever is headed my way.  In times of a deeper funk, I'll create a crystal grid, to call in the combined energies to clear what needs to shift.  Some days more is needed than simply carrying a crystal in my bra!

What nourishes you + pulls you up when you need a lift?  Be kind to yourself + create reliable ways to correct yourself.

Explore this + more in my group series beginning March 9th.

Love, Tracy