Mid April

Jesus, how did we get to April 16th?

I was on such a roll at the start of the year - writing consistently, putting myself out there, speaking my truth.  

Then February hit and life got so darn busy. I understood what it means to be in overwhelm, and couldn't see a way out of it. I was sick for a couple of weeks, and the catch up damn near took me out!  Of course my writing and self expression suffered. 

Writing that, I'm realizing it literally suffered - I lost my voice for 5 days, then again for another couple once it came back.  

I missed writing. It was a part of my week I looked forward to. I've always loved writing and more specifically, sharing.

I'm a natural story teller.  I come by it honestly. My Dad tells stories like a champ...he remembers dates and days, and won't move on until he's sure he's stated it correctly. "Now that was on a Thursday, or was it a Wednesday?......No, no, it was Thursday..."

I love sharing things I love - be it a physical item that everyone needs to know about, a story that will give a laugh, and experience I've had that relates to something you're going through so may support you in some manner. I'm a sharer. 

Now that I've got my head above water, my commitment is to sharing regularly again. Writing little pieces that may support you in some way.  Or may not.

We all get what we need when we need it.  

Here's to connecting more + staying above. 


Promise to keep sharing! 

Promise to keep sharing!