The Power of Vision, Goals + Speaking Your Future.

a View from the Cove….

Whoa, talk about creating your future.  

Always one to serve it straight up, important to get to it upfront - Mike and I are moving to Newfoundland.  We are beyond excited for a more simple, slower lifestyle, being closer to family, and creating new possibilities with lasting impact.

Choosing the name for my business was an interesting experience. I went back and forth for months.  and months.  and months.  How am I to know what people will respond to?  My last name is tough to spell, people always screw it up, and a View from the Cove is long.  ugh…

Then it hit me like lightening.

Where I am now and who I've become is because of who I am --- my roots, my heritage, my family and most of all, my parents.  My core values stem from having solid leaders in my life from day one.  

Portugal Cove is the town I (mostly) grew up in.  It's a beautiful place, about 10 minutes outside of St. John's.  It's right on the Atlantic Ocean on the East Coast of Canada.  It's motto is: Where the sun meets the sea.  The view is expansive and goes on for what seems like ever.  When you're from there, you call it The Cove.  

The name fit in many ways: who I am + where I come from, the View relating to vision and perspective.  Perfect.  Of course it would lead to something bigger.

January 1st, that bigger arrived.  

On a walk in Pacific Spirit Park, Mike turns to me and says, " Let's move to Newfoundland…"  To say my jaw dropped in an understatement.  Though, truthfully, it came as no surprise.

What I know from igolu:  Everything After “I AM” Creates.  What you say, you are.  You speak your future moment to moment.  I named my business a View from the Cove…. get it?!!  

A view of The Cove.

A view of The Cove.

Even more exciting, I am living into and creating my vision - water, stunning nature, being closer to family, hiking, gardening….the list goes on and on.

We created our future in more ways than we ever thought possible.

This is such an exciting time for us - keep your eye on the blog or sign up for my newsletter for regular updates and to track our travels.  We're driving across Canada!

Happy Monday!

xo Tracy