On Be-ing

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Today is Monday, Oct 2nd.

In my experience, there is so much sadness, so much heaviness.  Days like this can be overwhelming. I, for one, at times get paralyzed by it all.  FREEZE, like a game of tag when I was a kid.


As easy as that, I don't move. It's almost as though my heart stops beating for a brief moment.  I'm a sensitive person.  I feel energy, and so am impacting by what's occurring, whether I'm directly involved or hundreds of miles away.

My contribution and work is holding space for people to heal.  Connecting them to something greater, to their inner wisdom, their own guidance.  When the World goes off kilter, righting the ship can be tough.

It's especially tough when you freeze and have no idea what to do.

Then I remember...there is nothing to do in that moment.  In that particular instance sadness, fear and helplessness are moving through me, it is not who I am.  It is simply energy coming into my field and impacting me.  There is nothing to do in that exact moment.  I must continue to be.

BE - my work is I must continue to BE amongst it all.  We must continue to be amongst it all.

  • Be a lightworker, whatever that expression is
  • Be a stand for human rights for all
  • Be a beacon for equality
  • Be the voice of the voiceless
  • Be for something greater than yourSelf
  • Be in action when the time is correct
  • Be a contribution
  • Be the reflection

BE-ing :: Who I am is a reflection of you.  

I Am because You Are.

All love,