The Violet Flame

A few weeks ago (maybe over a month ago now...) I posted a photo on Instagram of my morning ritual coffee.  It consists of 2 shots of espresso, homemade almond milk, Sun Potion pine pollen, ashwaganda, + reishi as well as Palo D'Arco from Anima Mundi Herbals.  This particular morning, I mentioned it was infused with violet energy.

My dear friend Jacki Carr asked about the violet energy.  (For the record, I ignored her question, slipping back into my story of people thinking I'm weird....seriously, I'm sick of hearing myself talk about it!)

Violet Flame energy is something I've been working with for a number of years.  It is a powerful, high frequency energy that brings energetic balance through transmutation of energies.   It is a spiritual tool to elevate your frequency, raise your consciousness + support your spiritual growth.  It has been my saviour when negative entities + energies are impacting me, as it transmutes any negative energy into positive.  Working the Violet Flame also supports me when I'm lacking clarity + my vision seems blocked or I recognize a pain point that needs healing.  Ascended Master Saint Germain is the keeper of the Violet Flame.  He is one of my strongest spiritual guides and I connect with him often. 

The morning of the coffee photo mentioned above, an infusion from my prized-possession violet flame opal was included in my drink.  I also sipped + savoured the drink from my beautiful violet flower coffee cup. Working with the Violet Flame and its energy in your every day is simple when intentional.

My beloved Violet Flame Opals

My beloved Violet Flame Opals

Perhaps you're interested in exploring the Violet Flame energy?  Pick up this inexpensive, easy to read book by Elizabeth Clare Prophet: Violet Flame to Heal Body, Mind + Soul.  Read about Saint Germain here or feel free to reach out for a 90 minute session where we will call the Violet Flame energy into our time together and you will learn tools to incorporate the Violet Flame into your life: