Crystalline Energy Medicine 2018 || Bloodstone

Bloodstone || Courage


The theme for 2018 is Bloodstone, which carries the energy of Courage.  What a beautiful intention to be brought forward for us all energetically.

On my first visit to Kalani, a Bloodstone obelisk is what I chose to bring home as a reminder of my time there.  I was drawn to the strength of this particular stone, which I felt held the power of the island.

As depicted in the photo, Bloodstone is a deep green stone with splashes of red throughout that resemble blood splatter.  The combination of the healing energy of the green ray with the red of the base chakra, supports the healing of wounds allowing us to ground that strength through our base chakra in order to have a solid foundation of which to build our year upon. 

What requires healing in order for you to have a year lead through courage?  Allow the energy of Bloodstone to reveal this to you and carry you towards your purpose.

The energy of Bloodstone for me has always been that of warrior energy.  Bringing forth what is in your heart and providing the strength and courage to clear what is in the way and move forward in the physical world. A life force stone that purifies - our cells, negative energies and blocks, bloodstone allows us to step into our vitality as never before.  Courage, determination and an unshakable strength in our beliefs has us live with valour + integrity.   

Writing about Bloodstone, I feel the presence of Joan of Arc and want to use my obelisk as a sword.

Allow the energy of Bloodstone to energize you + work through you.  Call in it's courage to live into your Highest Self. 


All love,

Tracy xo

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