daily doTERRA

As interest peaks about essential oils, their power and efficacy, I receive many questions + queries.  Answering these questions is one of my greatest joys, as nothing drives me more crazy than investing in something - any item really - that sits on a shelf due to lack of education. 

When first starting with essential oils, the amount of information and education within our team is awesome.  It's totally designed to set you up to immediately begin to experience the Oils in your own life.  We are a group who speaks from experience, so implementing the Oils into our own lives critical to our authenticity as sharers of these powerful plants.

A woman once asked me exactly HOW I use the Oils in my daily life...though is varies little day to day, it was fun to share this, so I decided to write it down:

  1. On waking I have room temperature water with ONE drop of lemon.
  2. I choose an oil that I'm intuitively drawn to for meditation that morning.  I place one drop in my hands, rub my hands together and take three big, deep inhales.  I then sit, hands on my lap and meditate.
  3. After returning home from walking the dog, I dry brush prior to my shower using 2 - 3 drops of AromaTouch directly on my dry brush.
  4. Into the shower I go - one drop of Eucalyptus on the shower floor before anything else. Side note: I use doTERRA soap from the spa collection in the shower
  5. Exiting the shower....wait for it... homemade facial spray including frankincense, geranium, + sandalwood. Immortelle on my wee dog bite scars, one drop of geranium in my moisturizer, an eye serum that includes blue tansy, finally, unscented body moisturizer that includes one drop of an oil I feel like I need that day
  6. Before leaving the bathroom I place one drop of geranium on the arches of each foot for hormone balancing
  7. Twice per month I make a blend that speaks to me from Desiree Mangandog's book I Am Fabulous.  It supports me energetically with anything I'm working through and manifesting in my life.
  8. Turning on the diffuser varies every day - I could use the oil I meditated with, and most often it's a combined request of what I'm drawn to that day, and if Mike has asked for anything specific
  9. Morning smoothie - a citrus oil is ALWAYS a delicious addition.  Lately we love lemon or tangerine
  10. While preparing for my day, I go through my Oils + my Go-Alignment clutch to see what I'm drawn towards for the day. Today it was In Tune, last week my faves were Jasmine, Neroli + Rose.
  11. As I move throughout my day, I use and apply numerous Oils depending on what comes up and how I'm feeling.  Some days require more creativity, so more connection, some more grounding.  I'm blessed to trust my intuition and reach for whatever calls to me.  
  12. As someone who can be hard on mySelf, I have Forgive and Peace close by always....Forgive to move through mistakes quickly + stop beating myself up for something small and insignificant, Peace to remain calm + grounded no matter what the circumstance.  I also love Balance for this as well.
  13. By this time of day, I've changed out the diffuser....if it's later in the day and I'm lacking energy, I'll add an uplifting citrus oil with some type of Fir (one of my favourite combos) If I have clients calls, I may choose Spearmint with Frankincense.
  14. Also in the afternoon, Mike + I add one drop of citrus oil to our water - I typically choose Grapefruit, Mike goes between Lime + Wild Orange.  It's a great pick me up and awesome way to ensure we're getting enough water.
  15. Dinner is always sparkling water with a citrus oil....I always let Mike choose.
  16. As we begin to wind down for the evening, Easy Air / Breathe goes into the bedroom diffuser.
  17. One drop of Frankincense goes into my night cream.
  18. Lastly, the night comes to a close as I climb into bed and roll both On Guard + Lavender on the bottoms of my feet.  Immune-boosting plus deep rest keeps me healthy + thriving.

Soo....essential oils...wow.  So many uses, so impactful.  These are natural solutions to support your healing and daily life.

***Please note, these are the items that work for me.  I am not a doctor or medical practitioner, so the information shared in this blog is not meant as medical advice.

Please reach out to get started on your own Oil journey.  A free 35 minute consultation awaits you as we discuss your specific health + wellness goals to create a custom kit unique to your requirements.  Email is great: tracekeough@gmail.com