March || Ruby Energy

Ruby brings a vibrancy and life energy to our systems.  It is a beautiful stone that promotes courage needed to take any leaps of faith necessary to reach our true potential.  It allows you to be the person who stands steadfast in what you believe in and be a person of true integrity. Ruby is one of the most dynamic and active stones available to us today.  Ruby brings a passion for living, the courage to live that life and the stabilizing energy to sustain.  She calls us to stand powerfully in who we are.

Ruby dates back centuries and is one of the most precious stones in history: referenced in the Bible, it was one of the power stones on Aaron's breastplate; it played a large role in the Lord of the Rings and has always been revered for it's magic.

Combining the energies of Earth + Fire, the Ruby's red energy corresponds directly to our root chakra.  Our root chakra is our foundation. Residing at the base of our spine, it truly is our foundation.  It is our stability centre for life - our values, our family, our security.  It is the basis of all as without a solid foundation, things may crumble.  More importantly, it is the centre of our life force.  Ruby supports in pulling the energy up from the Earth, nourishing our nervous system and vital energy.  

The energy of Ruby asks us to reestablish the magic of ritual + connection to Self as a way to generate our life force. Channel this magical energy into your current projects or life situations.  Allow the Ruby energy to share it's vibrancy.

As a highly spiritual stone, my {Star} Ruby is a stone I use most frequently in my healing sessions.  Emanating the Red Ray of healing, stability and grounding, it supports both me as the healer, as well as the one experiencing the healing. ( A Star Ruby is a version of Ruby that emanates a six star when moved in light. )

Star Ruby.jpg

A powerful stone for Kundalini, she may activate the Serpent energy, allowing the life force to rise within.

The Essential Oil that most resonates with Ruby is Cypress, the Oil of Motion + Flow.  Calling forth the energetic movement to clear + create space, then couragously 

How will you harness the vastness of the Ruby energy this month?

I invite you to use this meditation practice:

If you have a Ruby, please have it with you. Taking a comfortable seat, place your Ruby in your lap or on the floor in front of you.

Place one drop of Cypress essential oil in the palm of your hands.  Rub your palms together, then cupping your hands over your nose + mouth (please stay clear of your eyes) take three slow, deep inhales.  Allows the energy of Cypress to connect.  As you rest your hands on your thighs, continue with deep, fluid breaths.  If you have your Ruby, feel free to place it in one of your hands.  it is also fine to leave it in your lap or on the floor in front of you.

Allow your breathing to easily flow as you call in and connect to the energy of Ruby.

Continuing to connect to Ruby energy through your breath, allow this energy to rise from the base of your spine, into your pelvis, your belly, into your heart centre.  Feel the steadiness, yet courageous energy fill your system.  Allow the energy to flow as your breath carries the energy of Ruby.

Sense the grounding, yet fiery energy.  Sense your energy rising, filling you with trust, courage and a new connection to Self.  Stay with your breath for as long as feels resonate for you.

When complete, take 3 deep, grounding breaths.  Bow your head in thanks.  Thank the energy of the Ruby for bringing life force to you + your system.  Slowly blink your eyes open.

Reflect + journal any of the messages Ruby energy has to share with you.

Tracy xo

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