My Love Affair with Geranium

Questions coming in from a recent social media post, prompted me to share more about this beautifully powerful flower.


Geranium, sometimes referred to as the "poor man's rose", is a steam distilled oil whose main constituents are Citroneliol and Geraniol, for all you science people out there! ( I was having a conversation with a Chemistry student last night about how essential oils are SCIENCE!  A blog post soon to come on that!)

Geranium is an oil I use daily for hormone balancing.  In my mid to late thirties, my periods shifted drastically.  My cycle went from being relatively pain-free and a non event, to a debilitating, popping Advil the first two days and hoping sleep is a possibility drag.

Starting with doTERRA and bringing these Oils into my life, along with the never-ending support and education of my mentor Elena Brower, I began putting the tiniest drop of Geranium on each foot arch daily.  (Like I'm talking finger over the top of the bottle and tip it upside down tiny) Within the first two months, there was a shift in my cycle - much less pain, a tolerable flow and balanced mood.  

Each month there has been a noticeable change.  This past month my flow was steady, without pain and short. ( can I get an AMEN! ) This shift is 100% attributed to my use of Geranium....I've changed nothing else. Pinky swear.

On another note, it's important to share that energetically, Geranium is the Oil of Love + Trust. I've had many clients use Geranium for it's energetic property with incredible, heart-opening results!

Other ways I use Geranium Oil:

  • one drop in my face cream/oil each morning
  • one drop in my body lotion on days I feel I need a little more love + trust in my life
  • as my deodorant in combination with sandalwood (for winter)

As a gal who once found the smell completely overwhelming, I now can't imagine my days without it!

So much to share, and I promised myself I'd keep these post brief.

I'd LOVE to send you a sample of Geranium and any other Oils that might support your health + wellness goals.  Please be in touch: and I'll craft a gift just for you!

If you're interested, learn more about my doTERRA journey here and more about ways to get started with Oils of your own here

Tracy xo