April || Zincite Energy

Zincite is a beautiful mineral that can be found in colours ranging from bright, cherry red, orange, yellow, sometimes carrying a blue or greenish ray as well. Zincite is the result of Zinc smelting, making it a combination created through the natural world and human creativity.

Interestingly, Zincite was a mineral theme from last year as well.

Zincite embodies the frequency of Divine Creation.  Due to it's colour rays, it brings the energy medicine of both creation and manifestation.  It brings a frequency that generates a framework of energy allowing us to create and bring something to life in the physical world.

Connecting with the energy of the sacral chakra, Zincite supports creativity, action + focus. It clears blockages accumulating over a lifetime within the sacral chakra.  Through this, it unlocks our creative expression, awakens joy, and the experience of abundance.

Call in the energy of Zincite to open, rejuvenate and activate your creative centres.  Generate an inner force that activates your creativity to manifest projects, ideas and guidance to an abundant life.