Lymph, Rebounding + Breast Health

As the years go by, my focus is shifting to the more minute details of my health.  Small changes that for me, bring impactful results.

I've always wanted a know the indoor mini trampolines.  Helga, a stunning woman I met 20 years ago who was wise, spiritual, had stunning skin and was so incredibly healthy told me the secret to her youthful exuberance was 10 minutes a day on her mini- trampoline.  Being a broke 24 year old, I couldn't afford the trampoline at the time, and never forgot her speaking so passionately about this most important part of her daily routine.

Over the past year, rebounders have been in and around my space.  I've read articles, gone to a class at Exhale Pilates Studio here in St. John's, and taken to educating myself more and more on the benefits of rebounding.

Did you know 10 minutes on the rebounder is equal to 20 minutes of running?  Without the jarring and pounding on your joints?  More importantly (to me), Rebounding activates your lymphatic system.

The lymphatic system is series of vessels running parallel to your blood vessels that is designed the bring nutrients to our cells and carry away the waste and unnecessary gunk.  It's so critically important to our wellbeing, yet rarely spoken about or educated on.  It's link to breast health in women is key, yet rarely, if ever mentioned.  WTF?!

So I'm clear before you read any further - I am OBSESSED with lymph drainage!!

Perhaps it's my years as a massage therapist and understanding the link to our immune system. Perhaps it's the wisdom and caring gained from getting older and wanting to be in this physical vessel as long as possible to complete my work here on Earth, I don't know...I simply know everyone, particularly women, need to pay attention to their lymphatic system. (And not just when you feel sick and think you have a swollen lymph node...)

Your lymph system is activated by physical movement - specifically vertical movement. Rebounding stimulates this system, gets the lymph flowing and your cells awake + active. This facilitates your moving toxins through your system, from cancerous cells, viruses and any other garbage your system does not need.  Rebounding engages your muscles in new ways, thus providing the necessary action to engage your lymph vessels and detoxify our systems.

My new found focus on my lymph system also has me adding the Breast Oil recipe from Living Libations founder Nadine Artemis' book, Renegade Beauty to my daily routine. Using this easy-to-make serum morning + night has me feeling like I'm taking control of my health in a deeper, more focused manner.  

It's so important to be pro-active and engaged in our own health care.  The stronger, more resilient our bodies become and the more efficient our systems are, the less likelihood we'll need to depend on a flawed healthcare system, medication or synthetics for our comfort.

If you're interested in learning more about breast health, the lymphatic system or rebounding, leave a note below and another blog will come!


Tracy xo