Breathwork is an active mediation that allows you access to your body in a whole new way.  The rhythm of the breath brings you out of your head and into your Self.  It creates space to discover stagnant or stuck energy that your body is holding deep within the layers of your being.  It is a gentle and effective self-healing technique that allows you to tap into your body's intelligence and access your intuition and inner guidance in a whole new way.

Breathwork is for you if you sense you have energy that needs to be cleared, feel trapped in the thought patterns of your mind and are ready to release whatever is limiting you.  

A 75 minute session is an impactful way to clear your energy and create space for new energy to flow. 

Your session will begin with a conversation about you - what you'd like to focus on, where you feel stuck or what you require clarity on. 

Once we begin the breathing, the active breath will last approximately 30 mins. With in the first few minutes you may experience many different sensations in your body.  This is typical is signifies the energy beginning to move. As the rhythm of your breath continues, this energy will shift + clear. I'll be present during the entire session, checking in with you and holding space that whatever needs to move through will unblock and create space for creativity + clarity.

A curated playlist accompanies each session allowing the vibration of the music to support shifting your energy.  Throughout the session, essential oils, alchemical sprays or sage may be used.

Sessions are held in person or via Zoom video.

Exchange: $188

Online gatherings via Zoom video

An online Breathwork experience to soften your heart.

For this virtual gathering, please be in a comfortable, quiet space where you may lie down uninterrupted. If you wish, have a blanket, eye cover, journal + pen for your experience.

We will breathe together, call in our Angels + Guides, unblocking heart energy to open ourselves up to giving + receiving the energy of love more freely.

There are no online sessions scheduled at this time.

Please refer back for updated session times.