Crystalline energy medicine mentorship


We all have our own inner wisdom. Ultimately, we are our own guide.  Crystalline Energy Medicine Mentorship came to life to allow you to transmute your own inner knowing + wisdom to root your connection and begin living the life of your choice.

In a world that is constantly bombarding us with information, mentorship is designed to reveal + deepen your intuitive connection. 

Mentorship will focus on connecting you to your Higher Self using the elements of alchemy that include crystals, breathwork, and Angelic connection to allow energy to move, Spirit to come forward and provide clarity in a way that is unique to you.  You will develop a physical awareness, emotional grounding, spiritual nourishment and clarity on your deepest, most important life choices.  .  

This 6 month mentorship program is designed to provide you with the tools and ritual to live into the guidance of your Higher Self on a daily basis.  Understanding that you are your own best guide, with all of the answers living inside of you, our sessions will be a conduit for you to access your own inner knowing + trust your intuition.

The intention for our time together is to activate the remembering that is already inside of you through your connect to the wisdom of the Earth and all she has to share with you.

Through a custom designed series combining crystalline energy healing, breathwork + meditation, as well as intentional conversation, you will come into attunement with the subtle energy of your intuition.   We will unblock fears and incorrect beliefs that stand in the way of you being your most powerful Self.  Through our time together, you will develop courage and faith that has you be in full alignment at all times bringing a powerful path of creativity and joy. 



This mentorship series includes:

+ 12 x 90 minute sessions via Zoom video 

+ custom-created breathwork sessions

+ hand-chosen crystals (mailed to you!) that energetically support your intentions 

+ an intuitively created crystal grid to hold the field for your journey

+ energetic talismans chosen specifically for you

+ ritual + self care practices to connect you to your intuition + Spirit

+ spiritually guided meditations

+ unlimited email support

Investment: $3333  ( 6 monthly payments of $555 CDN )



crystalline energy medicine


Intuitive Energy Session



Intuitive Energy work combines the use of specialized crystalline energy medicine and intuitive practices to create a complete experience.

The intention is to unblock your energetic + spiritual body to balance your energy, clear your chakras and open your heart.

Following a meditation, crystals are hand-chosen and are used to create a healing grid specifically for you. Once grid activation occurs and the frequency is setWe will then hold a 60 minute session via phone or zoom video to discuss the work and answer any questions you may have.

* Energy Sessions are typically insightful + uplifting.  Although they are not aimed to replace any health advice or medical treatments this will work collectively with whatever you are doing to bring energetic wholeness.


PS: The shop is full of energetic goodness.  All of the crystals have been hand-chosen, cleared, cleansed and are set with an intention as they head to their rightful homes.  Please reach out if you have any questions or need support choosing the correct piece for you.