The Connection Sessions combine the use of specialized crystalline energy medicine, intuitive practices and Breathwork to create a complete intuitive experience for you.

The intention is to unblock your energetic + spiritual body to balance your energy, connect your intuition and open your heart.

Following a meditation, crystals are hand-chosen and used to create a healing grid specifically for you and your energy. Once grid activation occurs and the frequency is set, crystals from your grid are mailed to you. We will then hold a 60 minute session via phone or zoom video to discuss the work and answer any questions you may have.

Once you receive your crystals, we’ll schedule three Breathwork sessions to deepen your connection to your energy, intuition + stones.

The Connection includes:

  • custom created crystal grid

  • activated stones mailed to you

  • one zoom video call to review your grid

  • three Breathwork sessions to deepen crystal connection

The Connection is for you if you are wishing to deepen your connection to your intuition, clear stagnant energy and gain tools to empower your healing.

Investment: $888 Canadian dollars (approx $660 usd)

You may wish to make two payments of $444 CDN