The Reading is a single session Intuitive Energy Reading.

The intention of a session is to create a shift in energy, raise your resonance and connect you to what you most require now.

Upon booking a session, crystals are hand-chosen to create you custom crystal grid. Once grid is complete and activated, we will hold a 60 minute session via zoom video to review your grid and answer any questions you may have. One of each activated crystal from your grid will be mail to you.

The Reading includes:

  • custom created crystal grid

  • activated stones mailed to you

  • one zoom video call to review your grid

The Reading is for you if you are seeking to recalibrate your energy, raise your vibration + begin your journey with your intuition, crystals and energy body.

Investment: $222 Canadian dollars (approx $166 usd)

* Energy Sessions are typically insightful + uplifting.  Although they are not aimed to replace any health advice or medical treatments this will work collectively with whatever you are doing to bring energetic wholeness.