I am so grateful you are here.  Thank you for exploring and being open to examining your life and creating it in a whole new way.

My years of leading and coaching people, combined with a deep connection to my intuition and spirituality, provides me with a great platform to lead people into what's possible in their lives.  I am driven every day to have great conversations with people excited to discover their true purpose + create their unique legacy.

We will design a custom program to gain clarity on what you stand for, what is truly important to you + how you visualize  your contribution making a great impact.  Through series of conversations, principle-based teaching and clearing any blocks or limiting beliefs, our sessions will allow you to create + live a life of your own design.

Intentional action driving your impact on the world.

I'm excited you are considering exploring what is possible for YOU.



I am most alive when leading people (YOU) into what is possible in your life. Real impact is created through designing a purpose-driven future with clarity, intention + truth.

I am a stand for you taking inspired action to create your chosen future. I get out of bed each morning to engage in life-changing conversations with people who are curious to embrace who they truly are.

I believe that people and business thrive when living + leading from clear intention and higher purpose. 

Leading from a greater intention and connecting all ways is how I operate.  My intuition leads and I trust it implicitly. 

I am a level one + level two Lightyear Licensee, Baptiste-trained yoga teacher + energy worker.  

I'm a crystal toting, eff-bomb dropping, truth-telling-with-love candid straight talker. I love the spiritual stuff and serve it straight up.

You can often find me wandering around in nature, spinning or at a yoga studio getting on a good sweat.  Fuelled by delicious coffee and green juice daily.

I grew up with a clear understanding that being for others is truly living.  Generosity is my way of being.  

I am Tracy Keough and it’s so nice to meet you. Let's create what's possible for you and your life!  

Live your future now.


Places I love

Cadence Cycling Studio

When I'm craving a tough, sweaty workout in a fun atmosphere with great people, I head to Cadence. In their friendly, positive environment, I'm able to push myself for 45 mins and head home refreshed + clear headed.  

Oliver + Lilly's

This beautiful shoppe is the only place I shop in Vancouver.  Carrying unique brands with a chic yet laid back style and more importantly, the sweetest people, makes this place my dream.  Heidi Merrick, Ace & Jig plus Clare V?  What more could a girl want.

Eco Diva Beauty

Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a product junkie.  Specifically, I'm a green product junkie.  I'm as aware of what goes on my skin + hair as almost anything else.  Eco Diva is chock full of organic products ethically produced and thoughtfully created. 


People up to big things

Lightyear Leadership

Susanne Conrad has been my teacher, mentor + friend for almost 10 years.  Susanne is a stand for greatness in a way that is kind, yet goes straight to the heart of it all.  My conversations with her provide a clarity that is hard to explain and always leave me recognizing who I truly am for the world. She holds space for me ( and all individuals ) to live into any possibility.   

Pura Botanicals

A collection of non-toxic, cruelty - free + eco-friendly skincare made right here in Canada.  These hand-crafted potions keep my skin clear + glowing, dropping me into a few moments of peace during my beauty ritual.  I adore all of these products, using the Countess Cleansing Nectar, Botanical Bloom Essence, Overnight Watermelon Mask + Neroli Eye Ritual daily.

Bloom Energy Therapy

Claudia Chirico is a kind soul, committed to health + wellness.  A Bio-Energy practitioner, Claudia is who I call when my balance + energy needs a swift kick in the butt.  My work with her has propelled me forward in a way that's hard to put into words.  Balanced energy equals forward action!  

Rock Your Bliss

Jacki Carr is fiercely passionate about every human being living a goal-driven life, and combines her straight up realness with heart awakening connection.  A gifted put-it-all-out-there writer, her blog is as real as it gets.  Combine that with with passionate yoga teacher Mary Beth LaRue, who's gentle leadership + vulnerability is such an embodied way of life, these two powerhouse women make soul connection come alive through their workshops + retreats.

Gillian Stevens Photography

Gillian is so talented.  She captures beautiful moments in the most gifted way.  Admittedly, I typically don't love to get my photo taken.  When the time came to get photos for this site, Gillian had an ease that allowed me to be myself while having fun throughout the entire process.  I was thrilled with the  results and high recommend her for any photography needs.  Grab a cup of coffee and check out her gorgeous blog. 


Things I LOVE

Rock and Raw Jewelry

Creators of fine jewelry for spiritual trailblazers, you can see why I absolutely love this brand!  Their high vibe, beautifully crafted pieces support me energetically in all my sessions.  The Rose Gold Clear Quartz Ultimate Guardian is my favourite.

Belinda Davidson's Guided Chakra Cleanse

Beginning this meditation over a year ago was game-changing for me.  My intuition has always been strong, guiding + directing me along my path and in the every day.  What I've learned is that the more clear I am, the better choices I make and the more in tune I am with my higher self.  Belinda's meditation keeps me clear + connected to my Self.


Transformation is 99% logistics.  This site for coaches and individuals up to big things organizes your life so you can focus on what matters - life changing conversations.  An intuitive, easy to use system, Satori keeps me sane and my clients in the driver's seat when it comes to scheduling meeting times.

How Yoga Works

I read this book at least once a year.  It shifted my view of yoga and elevated my leadership.