There is something BIGGER for you. 

I'm all about leading people into what's possible in their lives. I get excited and am driven every day to have great conversations with people excited to discover their true purpose + create a unique legacy.   

Intentional action driving your impact on the world.

I'm excited you're here and considering exploring what is possible for YOU.  

Thanks for being here….here's a little more about me…

I am Tracy Keough

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I am most alive when leading people (YOU) into what is possible in your life. Real impact is created through designing a purpose-driven future with clarity, intention + truth.

I am a stand for you taking inspired action to create your chosen future. I get out of bed in the morning to engage in life-changing conversations with people who are curious to embrace who they truly are.

I believe that people and business thrive when living and leading from clear intention and higher purpose. 

Leading from a greater intention and connecting all ways is how I operate.  My intuition leads and I trust it implicitly. 

I am a certified level one + level two igolu (i-goal-u) leader, Baptiste-trained yoga teacher + energy worker.  

I'm a crystal toting, truth-telling-with-love candid straight talker.  

I love the spiritual stuff and serve it straight up.

You can often find me wandering around in nature, spinning or at a yoga studio getting on a good sweat. Fuelled by delicious coffee and green juice daily.

I grew up with a clear understanding that being for others is truly living. Generosity is my way of being.

I am a Newfoundland girl, still living by the ocean on the opposite coast.   

 I am Tracy Keough and it’s so nice to meet you. Let's create what's possible for you and your life! Live your future now.