Cleansing + Clarity

This is a stream of consciousness from Sunday.  

Why is it always so tough to hit publish?!

The wind + raining are whipping against the house and windows like it's all about the blow down a la Little Red Riding Hood.  It's a great cosy day.  I've spent the morning finally diving in Rise Sister Rise, the second book by Rebecca Campbell that I am devouring because it's as though she wrote it with my words.

I'm in the tub with my citrine, carnelian + drops of Living Libations Epiphany Elixir, because today is the day.  I can feel it.  This rain and wind is symbolic.

I've been in Newfoundland five weeks.  Here's the thing - I've not really reached out to anyone.  Not a single soul.  I've been going about my days and "settling in", when the truth of the matter is I realize, I've been hiding.

I thought I'd done the work to be ready to move back here.  What I KNOW, and seemingly forgot, is that the work is never complete.  It's not one and done - BOOM, life is rosy and I'll never have to deal with that again.

No.  Leadership, living your authentic Self is a moment to moment, day in, day out process of doing and being in the work.

You see, since coming back, I've been in my old stories of people thinking I'm weird.  Of not having anything to offer because what I'm into, no one really understands….and not only will they not understand, they know me as the 20 year old person who used to live here, so surely God they are not going to believe me or trust me.  Blah blah blah.

None of that is who I am today.

I am a spiritually-driven mentor and leader.  Someone who stands for possibility and greatness in others because you can live a life of your choosing and be happy. I know this to be true because I'm living proof!

I didn't move ALL the way across the country to hide and stay quiet.

I'm here to be an anchor of light, to inspire others to find and shine their light through their own unique gifts + talents.  To heal anything that is holding you back, remove the blocks, clear the past so you can live into your legacy and create your contributions to the planet.

So there it is.  

The truth is this :: I'm here because this is what is required right now.   I was guided to move, so here I am.  I am spiritually obedient, so chose the reassignment.  

Yes, I was reassigned - isn't that so cool?!!

I trust all is as it needs to be.  I'll connect with the correct people, find a space to hold workshops, attract my people.

This rain is a much needed cleanse.  It's washing away my fear + doubt, my 20 year old bumbling Self, the dark giving way to the Light.  

Shine my friends.  SHINE!