Holding space for clients (YOU) is a great privledge. Supporting the movement of energy that no longer serves, stuck in your systems perhaps causing pain, inflammation, stagnancy, lack of connection, is truly the highest honour. 

Many of us hold our hearts tight - shielded from past experiences, impacting by the World around us, inadvertently keeping ourselves safe and protected. In my experience, it’s sadly part of the human condition today as our systems are bombarded with so much. 

When the focus is on heart opening during a Breathwork session, these are often (not always) two oils that support opening the space and moving the stagnant energy. Often times forgiveness is required and the softening of the heart space allows the possibility for that to occur. 

Sometimes people have a hard time with forgiveness. To be clear, forgiveness doesn’t not mean condoning. You are not condoning the other persons actions. Forgiveness allows you to be free. It always your heart space to open. It allows the opportunity for giving AND receiving of love, support and kindness. 

The impact of unforgiveness is often tricky to see. Truth is, the only person the unforgiveness impacts is you - the other person quite possibly doesn’t give a shit. They’ve moved on long ago, so the only person who is feeling the impact is you.  

Forgiving releases the pain, however it may show up in your body and life.

It’s beautiful to witness and to support people on the journey of allowing forgiveness and therefore healing themselves. Is their space for forgiveness in your heart today? Choose to begin to release it and allow miracles. 

All love,


My top two Breathwork allies for heart opening.

My top two Breathwork allies for heart opening.