...not your average Thursday

Staying on the farm this week, I had BIG plans: get clear on my entire 2015 calendar, edit + refine my website, outline a few workshop options, maybe even create the chapters of an ebook.  

Ummm, NO.  Did. Not. Happen.

What did happen was 3 days of clutter.  Non stop mind chatter.  No mediation.  Walks in the woods that equalled a mind full of music.  Songs playing over + over.  Seriously, these effing chickens (who I adore!) have been quieter than me the last three days.

This place is so magical, so what is happening?!  Where is the unfolding of the plan?

…then Wednesday evening it hits…. Surrender the plan.  

After a restful sleep I awoke ready to take on the day.  Get creative.

That's when it started...

Drink coffee…burst into tears.

Cat purrs in my lap…burst into tears.

The fire lights…more tears.  

You get it.  Like full on break down tears.   

I got it.

This place IS magic and it is calling me to play a bigger game.  Stop being so safe.  Put out into the world the power of who I am + what I stand for and step into it.  NOW.

Surrender + let it happen.  Let go + let it emerge.

Breakthrough to Break Free.

Clarity is coming fast + furious.  Get ready for FUN collaboration, exciting workshops + new ways to access my coaching schedule.

Time to share, time to shine….for all of us.