Crystals 101: Where to begin

Full Moon clearing...

Full Moon clearing...

Many people are tip-toeing into the world of crystals and it's absolutely fantastic!  Sharing what I love has been an opening for many of you to ask questions, express interest or simply gaze at these beauties of the Earth.

I have so much passion for this as even if you don't quite understand, you can feel the energy, and that's what counts. 

Common questions keep rolling in, so here are some basics on where to begin: which crystals are best, which support what and how to care for them.

Here's a quick + easy beginners guide with my top five starter stones.  

These pieces of sparkly goodness will cover all the bases: protection, love, grounding, joy + abundance, amplification + clarity.

These are the perfect stones to grow your energetic back up.

Amethyst: the great protector, linked to your third eye chakra, Amethyst is great for intuition, providing insight into things we can't always logically see.  A great crystal for insomnia, many people keep this gorgeous purple stone on their bedside table.

Rose Quartz: the stone of unconditional love.  The soothing stone is a heart opener that is great for evoking love, strengthening relationship and bringing a sense of peace to any situation.  This is a gentle stone who's energy is perfect for any space.

Black Tourmaline: this is a powerful grounding stone.  Connected deeply to the earth, it's protective properties absorb electromagnetic energy making it great to have near your wifi box.  For a long time this stone's energy was too much for me.  Now I appreciate it's strength + use it throughout our house.

Clear Quartz:  the most powerful healing + energy amplifier on the planet.  It absorbs, stores, releases + regulates energy and is excellent for unblocking it.  This crystal raises energy to the highest possible level. It takes energy to the most perfect state possible. 

Citrine:  one of my stones for 2015, Citrine is a ray of sunshine.  A master at supporting manifestation, this is the stone of abundance.  Relating to your solar plexus, it balances your power centre, bringing joy + light-filled clarity.  

    Starter kit of tumbled stones.  From the top: Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Black Tourmaline (raw) + Citrine.  Click  here  to purchase.


Starter kit of tumbled stones.  From the top: Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Black Tourmaline (raw) + Citrine.  Click here to purchase.

Stones shift, elevate, clear + provide energy - they are hard at work all the time!  Because of this, they require clearing + cleansing to ensure they are providing the best support possible. Clearing your stones is easy!  

Mother Nature provides us with these beauties, and she also gives us exactly what we need to care for them.

  1. The Sun: place your gems in sunshine and allow the power of the sun to energize + charge up your stones.  Some stones will fade in the sun - Amethyst is a great example - so ensure you're aware of any changes and remove them from the rays.
  2. The Moon:  a full moon is the perfect time to get your crystals outside and allow them to absorb + charge from the power mr. moon has to offer.  A renewed sense of strength + energy will come from an evening bathing in the light and energy of the glowing moon.
  3. Sea Water: incredibly cleansing, simply placing your crystals in ocean water ( or a salt water mix you make at home) will clear + recharge your stones.  Ensure they are rinsed in water fairly soon after the salt water dip so no erosion occurs.
  4. Sage: this cleansing bundle of chosen plants clears + cleanses stones + spaces through it's properties and intention.  I use sage on my crystal grid stones prior to sending them out to their rightful owners.

Having these tips to begin your crystal collection will allow you to experience the energy these little gems provide.  Carrying a mighty impact, start with the basics and leave a comment below if you have more specific questions on stones for a particular shift you require.  I'm happy to provide any insight!

Tracy xo