Integrated Leadership

I've always been such a go-getter.  Always the first to say YES, I jumped into projects, onto teams, joined clubs in grade school.  Ahh, this will be so fun I'd think.

As I entered the work world, same same.  Hell YES to a fun project, I'd be the biggest cheerleader, rally the team, throw out ideas during a brainstorm, raise my hand for responsibility and be sooooo excited! (Can't you feel my excitement?!)  

Everyone would be so pumped at what was to come because I was so pumped.   

Then I'd go back to my (school or work) desk and freeze.  Like  f r e e z e.  I'd stare at the computer screen, think about calling that person or maybe scheduling a meeting.  Ohhh, maybe I'll write up some notes on the ideas.  Or I'll look up possible uniforms.

…and I'd procrastinate.  Fiddle around, find other things to do, and essentially, pretend the task at hand would get done….  later.  There's always later.

I never got into action.

It became a problem.  I'd stress.  People would ask for updates + know I was bullshitting them.  I hadn't done anything, so I was making stuff up.

Eventually, it all happened at the 11th hour.

After going through years of this, thinking I was lazy and labelling myself as a procrastinator, I learned there is a natural cycle to how projects evolve.  We all have an affinity to one of the cycles, and certainly, we all see where we need support.

I'm a BIG Connect + Align person.  The first cycle.  I require all the context, the history, the reasoning, the WHY and the intended outcome.  Give me all the goods, enrol me in the why, and I'll deliver in spades.  I'll knock it out of the park.

Be vague, provide no context, try to pull the wool over my eyes, and you'll get nothing.  There will be no action.  nadda.  Nothing will happen between now + our next meeting.

W H E W.  

What a friggen weight off to know what I require and to understand that I am responsible for getting the information.  Asking a lot of questions up front, be 100% aligned on the project or idea, know the intended outcome and it's reason…all information that can be shared during the initial conversation.

All information that will enrol me and get me into action!!

On the flip side, I've learned that when I lead a project, having the correct people on the team - people who will hold me accountable to action and by-when dates in crucial.  Working with individuals who know when I'm stuck and will ask what I require to continuing moving forward is critical to balance my leadership and ensure success for all of us + our project.

Want to dig deeper into yourself as a leader?  Interested in leading yourself + others through a successful project?  Curious which cycle you naturally gravitate towards?

Curious about who you are for others + how this impacts your leadership?

Curious about who you are for others + how this impacts your leadership?

Join me for an igolu level two call series.  Integrated Leadership launching soon!

Love, Tracy xo