Give Me All The Clary Calm


Thanks to all of your feedback and questions from my Geranium post, I’ve decided to share my fave essential oils + tools for my moon.

While Geranium is the secret weapon I use daily to balance my hormones, Clary Calm is it’s powerhouse partner I use regularly the week of my flow.

L i f e s a v e r

A gorgeous combination of so many of my favourite Oils, it’s no surprise I wouldn’t live without it!

  • Clary Sage - Oil of Clarity + Vision
  • Lavender - Oils of Calm + Communication
  • Bergamot - Oil of Self Acceptance
  • Roman Chamomile - Oil of Spiritual Purpose
  • Ylang Ylang - Oil of the Inner Child
  • Cedarwood - Oil of Community
  • Geranium - Oil of Love + Trust
  • Fennel - Oil of Responsibility
  • Plus Carrot Seed, Palmarosa Herb, and Vitex Leaf/Berry essential oils.


In the days leading up to my moon, if there’s a sense my mood is changing, I’m snappy, edgy or reactive, immediately reaching for Clary Calm and applying to my pulse points is key.  This powerful plant blend calms my emotions and right-sets me. 

During the week of my period, if the hint of cramps begin, I apply Clary Calm to my abdomen for relief. (Thank you to the brilliant person who put this blend in a rollerball!). I also apply it to my lower stomach before bed so I’m assured a good night’s sleep without cramps.

Without coming across as Oils-crazy, (and really, I am!! So no apologies....) this, along with my practice using Geranium, as completely changed my moon time.  Seriously.  It’s gone from a dreaded time that I simply tried to get through, to an easy, this is all part of being a woman attitude.

Want a sample of Clary Calm + Geranium?  Email me! I’m happy to share!

Aside from my Oils, using The Diva Cup has been a game-changer.  I made the shift about 8 years ago when considering (1.) the environmental impact tampons have and (2.) if the toxin-laced cotton of tampons were a contributing factor to my severe cramps.  Switching to the Diva Cup did alleviate my cramping at that time.....seriously, have you ever researched what your tampons are made of??  If you're not ready to make the jump to a cup, PLEASE consider making organic cotton tampons part of your monthly budget.

Watch one of my favourite actresses explain it here;

Lastly, switching to a cup CAN be an adjustment, especially if your period is on the heavier side.  Fear Not!  Knixwear is an awesome Canadian company making leak-proof underwear that I personally wear during the first couple of days of my period....ain't nothing wrong with having some back up!  These barely noticeable leak-proof undies can absorb up to two tampons worth of flow, so work well for lighter days as well.  There are three styles to choose from, so you've got options.

Regular exercise, tons of greens, celery juice and an infusion of Nettles + Raspberry Leaf tea are all easy and supportive practices to balance your system.

Sending lots of love and easier Moon days.